Sea Trout Fishing

Salt Water Fly Fishing

With the development of salt water fly fishing, sea trout fishing on the Moy Estuary has seen a remarkable surge in interest.

Inspired by Master angler and author Peter O’Reilly, I started experimenting with flies and lures. With the assistance of my good friends Alan Pearson and Rob Williams from Wales, I finally cracked it.

Alan gave me his old vice and arranged for a friend of his to educate me in the art of fly tying. Over the years I have developed a range of flies for the salt water. I find this aspect of the business very fulfilling.

Sea Trout Fishing

Bait Method

I started sea trout fishing as a kid fishingthe traditional bait method with a spinning rod with mackerel strip or sandeel. Fishing mackerel strip for sea trout is unique to the Moy and can be traced back to the 1840’s.

To be really successful it takes a delicate touch on light tackle. For best results, cast, pick up the slack and allow the bait to “swing” in the tide. Keep the bail arm off and rest the line on the tip of the index finger so you can react immediately to a bite.

I use a Kamasan Specimen Hook, size 8 on a 6/8 lb mono line. I prefer this hook as it has a short shank and a wide gape. The weight should be adjusted at the various stages of the tidal flow to avoid picking up crabs on the bottom.

Alternatively, you can “spin” the strip. The same applies to fishing the sand eel.

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